Boston Cream Donut Vs. Bavarian Cream Donut

Boston Cream Donut Vs. Bavarian Cream Donut [Differences]

Donuts are an American classic in terms of sweet breakfast, or a treat. If you are a Dunkin’ regular, you must have had your share of donuts, ranging from chocolate glaze to custard fillings, and a plethora of flavors. So, what is the major difference between Boston Cream Donuts and Bavarian Cream Donuts?

The difference between Boston Cream and Bavarian Cream Donuts lies in the texture and toppings.

Let’s do a Boston Cream Donut vs Bavarian Cream Donut battle and see what are the key differences between these donut types.

Boston Kreme Donut

This classic American donut is made from a yeast shell that has Bavarian Kreme filling. It is glazed in chocolate and has a variety of them at Dunkin’. The donut is not only popular in America, but also in the rest of the world.

Bavarian Kreme Donut

Similar to Boston Cream, this donut has a yeast shell with Bavarian Kreme filling. However, it does not have a chocolate glaze like Boston Cream. Bavarian Kreme donut is tossed in powdered sugar as opposed to chocolate.

What is the Difference Between Bavarian Kreme Donuts and Boston Kreme Donuts?

The difference between the two donut types lies in the texture, cream, and topping.


boston cream donut

Both donuts have different toppings. Traditionally, the Boston cream donut has a shell formed by baking chocolate on top. This comes from the old tradition of adding chocolate on top of a Boston cream pie.

In the case of the Bavarian cream donut, there is no chocolate topping. It is similar to the cake in Europe with the same name. Although there are many variations of the Bavarian donut, and you can find some with chocolate topping, the original donut is tossed in powdered sugar only.


bavarian cream donuts

One of the key differences between the two donuts is the use of the cream. Boston donut has Boston cream, and the Bavarian donut has Bavarian cream. Let’s look at the two creams in detail.

What is Bavarian Cream?

Bavarian cream is also known as crème bavarois. It is rich and sweet, mostly used as a filling in desserts. Its taste resembles that of a vanilla custard. It has a thick and creamy consistency, making it a perfect filling for donuts.

Bavarian creme is made from sugar, whipped cream, egg yolk, whole milk, vanilla beans, salt, and gelatin.

What is Boston Cream?

Boston cream is runny as compared to Bavarian cream. It is a variant of Bavarian cream, but it is silkier because of the cornstarch binding in it. It cannot be eaten alone and is mostly paired with a chocolate dessert.

The main ingredients of Boston cream are egg yolks, cornstarch, milk, vanilla, sugar, and salt.


bavarian kreme donut vs boston kreme donut

Now that you know the difference between creams, it is easy to understand the texture of the filling in both types of donuts. A major difference between Boston cream and Bavarian cream donuts is the consistency.

Boston cream is runnier and silkier. Bavarian cream, on the other hand, is much firmer as it’s made from whipped cream. At normal temperatures, Bavarian cream maintains its texture, while Boston cream goes gooey.

Boston Cream Donut vs Bavarian Cream Donut FAQs

What makes Boston Cream different?

Boston cream is a type of pastry that is made from a sponge cake and is filled with custard or cream. The dough of the Boston cream sets it apart from other desserts.

Is Boston Cream white or yellow?

Boston Cream is light yellow with hazel undertones. In some lighting, it is subdued with sunny yellow in color.

Why is it called Boston Cream Donut?

Boston Cream donut is inspired by the Boston cream pie which was created by M. Sanzian at Boston’s Parker House Hotel in 1856. The cake has two layers of sponge cake with custard filling and a chocolate glaze.


The bottom line is that Boston Cream Donut and Bavarian Cream Donut are very similar to each other with a few differences. Bavarian Cream Donut is very similar to Boston Cream Donut with Bavarian Kreme filling. It is, however, tossed in powdered sugar and not chocolate glaze as is the case in Boston cream donuts.

Both donuts are delicious, so enjoy each bite with a warm cup of chocolate tea, or a cup of coffee with whipping cream.

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