How to Cook Frozen Pasty in New Zealand

Baking pasties at home takes a lot of time, so what to do when you’re craving savory pasties at night? Well, nothing is better than a frozen pasty cooked to perfection.

Who doesn’t love frozen food – it’s yummy, delicious, and instant. One item that is almost always available in my freezer is frozen pasties. Pasties are favorite snacks for everyone – from kids to adults in New Zealand. You can have them for breakfast, dinner, or as a snack.

Cornish pasties come packed with ground meat, spices, and veggies. Some brands in New Zealand even have cheesy sauce in them, while there is a veggie option as well for vegans. All the flavors come wrapped in a crispy pie crust.


If this is your first time trying out a frozen pasty in New Zealand, you can follow this recipe to perfectly cook your pasties and have a hearty, yummy snack ready in no time.

How to Make Frozen Pasty in New Zealand

Follow these steps to cook frozen pasty at home easily. By following this recipe, you can have light golden, crispy pasties at home in no time.

  1. Preheat the oven to 190C.
  2. Take a baking tray and place a sheet of baking paper on it.
  3. Lay out your pasties on the tray and make sure there is enough space between them so there’s enough room for cooking.
  4. In a small bowl, take an egg yolk and whisk it. Paint the pasties with yolk to achieve a golden brown color.
  5. Put the tray in the center of the oven and bake for 40-45 minutes.
  6. To check if the pasty is cooked thoroughly, take a skewer or knife and put it through the top of the pasty. If the pasty is cooked, you will see the liquid bubbling through the seams.

Chef Notes

  • For giant pasties, you can bake the pasty for an hour.
  • For a lovely golden brown color, I recommend painting the pasties with egg yolk before popping them in the oven. If it’s vegan pasties you can leave out the egg. Some pasties come pre-glazed, so check the packaging before baking.
  • Make sure to check your pasties before baking and ensure that they are frozen. If the pasty is going soft, make sure the filling is still frozen and no sauce is leaking out. If pasty is thawing, I recommend putting the pasty in the freezer before baking.
  • If you don’t have baking paper, then leave your empty baking tray in the oven as it heats up, and place the pasties on the hot tray from the start.
  • After 15-20 minutes, rotate the baking tray, to have an even baking.
  • Don’t overcook the pasty as it will result in the insides boiling out which is not appetizing.
  • You can also cook pasties in an air fryer as well. It will take less time as compared to baking in the oven.

What To Serve With Pasties?

Pasties themselves are savory and packed with flavor. They are tasty and filling on their own, but if you want to turn them into an actual meal, here are a few things you can serve with pasties:


There are different frozen pasty brands in New Zealand. Keep in mind that cooking times and temperatures may vary depending on the brand and type of pasties you’re using, so always check the packaging for specific instructions.

Cooking times are also affected by the size and thickness of the pasties, so use your best judgment if the packaging doesn’t provide precise guidelines.

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