why does string cheese taste better when peeled

Why Does String Cheese Taste Better When Peeled

String cheese is a common snack that is either enjoyed alone with a glass of wine or with soups, or chili. The cheese is made from several different types of cheese – mainly cheddar and mozzarella. During the manufacturing process, the proteins in the cheese align, making it stringy.

You probably had string cheese during childhood. They come in fancy wrappings and can be pulled apart easily. It was a constant item in my lunch box during school days.

So, why does string cheese taste better when peeled? The reason is that when it is pulled apart, its surface area increases and your body reacts to the strands more, as compared to an actual bite.

Why Does String Cheese Taste Better When Peeled?

My reasons for eating string cheese by pulling it apart might be similar to yours, it just tastes a lot better as compared to taking big bites. Here are some reasons why it is so:

1. Increased Surface Area

String cheese tastes a lot better when peeled because it increases the surface area of the cheese. You get to wrap your tongue around each piece separately and bit into the strings which lead to an explosion of taste in your mouth.

The top layer of the cheese is probably the tastiest, so peeling it layers the cheese which makes every bite more tasty and wholesome. When you peel the cheese, there is a burst of flavor in every bite.

When you are peeling the cheese, it increases the surface area of the cheese that is touching your mouth, thus amplifying the flavor.

2. Oxygenation

Just like wine, the flavor of cheese becomes more noticeable and prominent when mixed with air. When food is mixed with air, its surface sheds ketones and aldehydes which makes the food tastier.

The same is the case for string cheese. When you peel it, it exposes more surface area to cheese which boosts its flavor.

3. Smooth Texture

A block of cheese is rubbery and smooth from the exterior. However, when the cheese is peeled, the texture is quite different. Peeling the cheese makes the texture of the cheese rough which rejuvenates the receptors in the mouth when eaten.

In short, it loses its rubbery texture and makes it more palpable and tasty. The feeling of the roughness of peeled cheese as you chew is something that makes the string cheese more flavorful, and the entire experience very different.

pulled string cheese tastes better

It’s Fun Eating Peeled String Cheese!

String cheese is mostly served as a snack. And what we love about snacks is when they last long! String cheese is a fun snack when peeled because it not only tastes better but also lasts longer.

While pulling cheese, you take your time with it and it only increases its sweetness and flavor with every bite. Contentment does not come in a rush. Therefore, when you peel cheese, it increases the time it takes to eat it. More time means more oxygenation and better taste.

Cheese is one of the snacks that should be eaten with hands in a messy way. It is always fun to peel the cheese with your hands while deep in conversation with your friends or family, over a glass of Chardonnay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is string cheese supposed to be peeled?

String cheese is inheriting stringy and tastes great when it is slowly peeled and one enjoys each little bite. So, string cheese is supposed to be peeled while eating if you want to enjoy it more.

Why does String Cheese peel?

When mozzarella cheese is heated to 60C and stretched, the milk proteins line up. Because of this, it is possible to peel string cheese.

Why does string cheese taste different than mozzarella?

The biggest difference between the two cheeses is that fresh mozzarella is kept in water, while string cheese is dried out.


The main reason why string cheese tastes better when peeled is that exposes more surface area of cheese that touches your mouth, thus causing more taste sensations. It is because of this, that peeled cheese tastes better and more flavorful as compared to taking a bite of cheese.

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