Substitutes for Milk in Instant Mashed Potatoes

7 Substitutes for Milk in Instant Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a must with steak, pasta, and stir-fried recipes. Instant mashed potatoes require milk and butter. But what if you want a dairy-free option? Some of the best substitutes for milk in instant mashed potatoes are water, stock, almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk.

Instant mashed potatoes have become a convenient go-to side dish for many households. With a wide array of flavor options available, they are guaranteed to please a variety of tastes.

While preparing instant mashed potatoes doesn’t demand much effort, adding some form of liquid is essential to achieve the desired fluffiness.

Instant mashed potatoes have been cooked, mashed, and then dehydrated. They require milk or a liquid form. However, if you are out of milk or want to have non-dairy mashed potatoes, there are plenty of substitutes that you can use.

7 Best Substitutes for Milk in Instant Mashed Potatoes

1. Cream

fresh cream

One of the best substitutes for milk in instant mashed potatoes is cream. Half and half, heavy cream, or light cream all work great with mashed potatoes and make it creamier.

When adding cream to your recipe, there are two important aspects to bear in mind. Firstly, due to its thicker and richer nature compared to milk, you will require a smaller amount of cream. To achieve the desired consistency, add cream gradually while stirring consistently.

Secondly, the fat content in your cream significantly impacts the flavor. If you desire a stronger flavor, opt for a higher-fat cream and increase the amount accordingly. Conversely, if you prefer creamier potatoes with a milder taste, choose a cream with a lower fat content.

2. Sour Cream

sour cream

Sour cream adds a unique flavor to the potatoes. Sour cream, known for its tanginess and thick texture, can be incorporated into your instant mashed potatoes recipe. A general guideline is to use half a cup of sour cream for each cup of milk indicated in the recipe.

It’s worth noting that sour cream often comes with various flavor options. Exploring options like southwestern sour cream or those infused with chives can add an intriguing twist to an ingredient commonly associated with tacos.

Alternatively, you might have considered using cream cheese as an alternative ingredient for your mashed potatoes.

3. Amond Milk

almond milk

If you are out of milk, you can add almond milk to your mashed potatoes in the same amount. It will give you the same consistency as regular milk.

As this is the milk obtained by grinding nuts to produce the liquid, your potatoes will have a slightly nuttier flavor compared to what you’re accustomed to. However, this can actually be quite delightful.

4. Coconut Milk

coconut milk

Coconut milk adds an intense flavor to the mashed potatoes. A little bit of milk goes a long way in offering the creamy texture that you are looking for. You can also add herbs and spices to balance out the flavor.

You can also use coconut milk to make coconut shake, and coconut milk pasta sauce.

5. Mayonnaise


Mayonnaise can serve as a substitute for milk in your recipe, although it will impart a subtle eggy flavor to the mashed potatoes. To begin, add half the amount of mayonnaise indicated in the recipe and mix it in thoroughly. From there, you can adjust the quantity to suit your taste preferences.

It’s possible that you may need to dilute the mixture with cooking liquid or broth to achieve the desired consistency.

6. Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt

If you’re aiming for low-calorie mashed potatoes that are fluffy and light, Greek yogurt is the ideal solution. Use half the amount of Greek yogurt compared to the suggested measurement of one cup of milk in your recipe.

It is recommended to opt for unflavored Greek yogurt since certain fruit flavors may not complement mashed potatoes as well.

Yogurt is thick, so like mayonnaise, you will need to thin it out using water or broth before adding it to the potatoes.

7. Broth

broth for instant mashed potatoes

Another one of my favorite substitutes for milk to use in mashed potatoes is broth. Chicken and beef broth is a great option as it adds a great twist to your potatoes. If you want a less fatty option, I recommend using chicken broth.

If you are using broth, make sure to add a little bit of flavoring and herbs to make the potatoes more flavorful and delicious.

Using broth does not make the mashed potatoes creamy as does milk, but the extra flavor makes up for it. Keep in mind to add the stock in potatoes before adding salt and herbs. Adjust the flavors after you are done with adding stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make instant mashed potatoes without milk?

Yes, you can make instant mashed potatoes without milk by using water or adding more butter. It won’t end up as creamy as with milk, but they will be soft.

Can you make Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes without milk?

Yes, just add water. Use 2 cups of water to Betty Crocker instant mashed potatoes and omit butter or milk altogehter.

How to thicken mashed potatoes without milk?

Whisk a little cornstarch into warm potatoes until they thicken to your liking. You can also mix the cornstarch into a little bit of water and then add it in the potatoes. Make sure the potatoes are warm when you mix cornstarch.


The bottom line is, there are numerous choices available to create exceptional instant mashed potatoes. Whether you need to substitute milk due to allergies, have run out of milk, or simply desire a delightful variation, these options provide a great starting point.

I hope my list of the best substitutes for milk in instant mashed potatoes help you in the future to get the desired results.

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