15 Fruits that Start with N

One of the little games that we used to play when we were kids was naming things with a letter. The one who got the most was the winner. Just for fun, I decided to make a list of fruits that start with N.

While playing with my family, surprisingly I could only get 4-5 and it was more challenging than I thought.

After losing the game, I decided to take help from the internet and came up with a list of fruits starting with N. Check out the list, and comment if I have missed any that you can think of to make the list go on.

What Fruits Start with ‘N’

Here is a list of 15 fruits that start with N:

1. Nectarines


Nectarines are peaches with smooth outer skin as compared to other types of peaches. They taste the same as well, however, some people claim that nectarines are sweeter.

The only difference in taste is that nectarines lack fuzz, so you can use them to make jellies and jams. They are perfect for pastries, and caramelization. You can also air fry nectarines and make dessert.

If you are a fan of fizzy drinks, you can make various cocktails in summer. Some popular peach cocktails are Bourbon peach smash, Kentucky peach vodka cocktail, Peach margarita, and Peach spritzer.

2. Nashi Pear


Nashi Pear is also called Japanese pear, apple pear, and even zodiac pear. It has many names. Nashi pear is light and sandy brown in color with dark spots on it.

They are more like apples, round in shape, and are widely grown in Asia. It is juicy and crispier than normal pear and rich in fiber.

3. Nance Fruit


Nance fruit or hogberries are small in shape, the size of cherries but they have a bright yellow color. Some are also red in color, especially the ones grown in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Nancy fruit tastes like cheese and has a strong scent. Because of its peculiar taste and scent, it is mostly used in smoothies and drinks like eggnog.

4. Nutmeg fruit


Nutmeg fruit is also used to make nutmeg spice, and is mostly used in making jellies and jams. It is also used in making wine.

It is quite fragrant, and you can eat it raw, that is if you can find it because it’s very rare. It tastes very bitter and acidic, but with sugar, it tastes amazing. In some parts of the world, they sugar the fruit and dry it in the sun.

5. Nere Fruit


Nere Fruit is bright red in color and has a sweet pulp. It is also called the African locust bean.

These are mostly used in sweet dishes and have a sweet flavor somewhere between cheese, and chocolate. Its seeds are quite valuable as well.

6. Nonda Plum Fruit


Nonda plum is mostly found in Northern Australia. They are small round fruits, yellow in color. It has dry flesh and tastes like baked potatoes.

It is rich in fiber and vitamin C.

7. Naval Oranges


Naval oranges are seedless oranges that are juicy and tangy. They have low acidity and are used in salads and desserts.

They have thick skin, making it easier to peel. You can add juice to kale salad, cocktails, and margaritas. Some cocktails you can make with these oranges are Mimosas, Tequila sunrise, Orange margarita, and Madras.

8. Nagami Kumquat


Another citrus fruit that is quite common in Asia is Nagami Kumquat. It tastes sour and tangy, with a slight sweetness to it.

It is a native of China, and the olive-sized fruit is harvested in winter. It is eaten as a whole with the peel and all.

9. Naartjie Fruit


Naartjie fruit is also known as satsuma mandarin. Naartjie has a taste between orange and mandarin. It is both very sweet and tangy at the same time.

Like an orange, its skin is loose and thin so it can easily be peeled away. The majority of the fruit comes from Africa.

10. Nam Dok Mai


Nam Dok Mai is a popular type of mango in Thailand. It is longer than a regular mango and has a uniform yellow color when ripe. It is also available all year round.

The fruit is very sweet and its aroma is like that of daffodils. It is the sweetest mango, and its pulp is smoother than other mangoes because it’s less fibrous.

It is mostly used to make mango sticky rice, sorbet, and other sweet dishes.

11. Natal Plum fruit


Another fruit that starts with N is the Natal plum. They look like strawberries and are also grown on shrubs. they have bright red skin and a sweet and sour flavor.

These are mostly used in jellies, jams, and pie fillings. The fruit is common in South East Asia as it’s used to make pickles and chutney.

12. Newton Pippin Apple


Newton Pippin Apple is one of the oldest apple varieties in America. It is also known as Winter Apple as it takes 1-2 months to ripen, and is ready in winter.

It can be eaten raw but is mostly used for juicing, and hard cider. They are green and yellow in color.

13. Nocera Grapes


Nocera is a high-quality wine grape native to Sicily. It is thick-skinned and dark purple in color. It has a good aroma and is rich in acidity.

Nocera wine is ruby red in color with purple hues.

14. Northern Spy Apples


The next fruit that starts with N has an interesting name, Northern Spy Apple. It has red skin with yellow and pale green spots. It is a winter variety, picked in early November.

It is juicy, and crisp and has a mild sweetness to it. It’s crunchier than most apples, and its characteristic flavor is tarter.

15. Nectacotum


Nectacotum is another fruit that starts with N and is a hybrid between nectarine, plum, and apricot. They are low in fat, and sodium-free.

They are used to make jams and jellies and are best served with potatoes, and meat like ham, prosciutto, and pancetta.

That brings us to the end of my list of fruits that start with N. I bet there are names that you have heard for the first time! If you like to add more fruits to the list, feel free to drop a comment below.

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