Can You Freeze Peanut Butter? – Storage Guide

Peanut butter is a staple in North America and is a delightful spread that is not only rich in flavor but also nutritious. Everyone loves it and it goes with almost all meals.

Whether you are making a PB&J sandwich or spreading it on apple slices, you can’t go wrong with peanut butter.

However, if you are like me who makes the butter at home with fresh peanuts, then you might have a handful of the jars filled with peanut butter. So, what do you do when you have extra peanut butter at hand?

Can you freeze peanut butter? Yes, you can freeze peanut butter without compromising its flavor and texture. However, freezing peanut butter does not extend the life of the spread beyond storing it in the fridge.

You can still freeze peanut butter and it will not affect its texture or taste when you defrost it. In this guide, I will discuss the best ways to freeze peanut butter, how you can use frozen peanut butter in recipes, and ways to thaw it.

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Freezing Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be frozen. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see how you can do that.

If you have a stock of peanut butter and a deep freezer, you cannot simply place the jar in the freezer, because when it freezes, it might break the jar when it expands. It doesn’t happen a lot, but it’s still a risk.

Before freezing peanut butter, you might have to re-package it. It’s best to transfer it to a plastic jar, or a freezer-safe Ziplock bag.

Make sure to remove all the air from the bag. It’s best to freeze the butter in small sizes. My favorite way to freeze peanut butter is by filling ice cube trays. Once frozen, you can take the cubes out, and keep them in a container or Tupperware.

How Long Does Frozen Peanut Butter Last?

If sealed properly, frozen peanut butter can last about 6-9 months in the freezer. You can store it for a longer period of time, but it will lose its flavor and its taste will start changing with time. In short, the butter will become stale.

So, if you plan of freezing peanut butter, it will retain its freshness and consistency for 6-9 months after freezing. Make sure to consume it between that time period.


What Can You Use Frozen Peanut Butter For

There are so many ways you can incorporate frozen peanut butter into your recipes. You can decorate your ice cream or frozen yogurt with peanut butter shavings. It will add flavor to the ice cream and its tastest absolutely delicious.

Frozen peanut butter in the form of cubes is great for making breakfast smoothies. Just pop a peanut butter cube into milk bananas, and berries of your choice.

You can also make peanut butter cookies or cupcakes by adding a frozen dollop of peanut butter into the batter before baking. Once the cookies or cupcakes are baked, the peanut butter will ooze out with every bite.

Frozen peanut butter tastes great in overnight oats and cereals, especially with walnuts and raisins.

Here are a few recipes you should try:


Other Ways to Store Peanut Butter

It is ideal to store peanut butter in a cool, and dark place. It should also be placed in an airtight jar or container to limit exposure to air and prevent cross-contamination.

Peanut butter is shelf-stable, so you can keep it in your pantry or a kitchen cabinet and it will not go bad. At room temperature, peanut butter can last up to 3 months.

If your peanut butter container has not been opened and the seal is still there, it will last up to 9 months.

Instead of freezing the butter, you can even store it in the refrigerator, and it will last you around 6-7 months.

How to Defrost Frozen Peanut Butter

Defrosting butter is simple. If you are not in a rush, you can leave the container with the peanut butter on the kitchen counter to thaw.

However, keep in mind that if you have used a large container to store the peanut butter, you will need to defrost the entire section of the butter. It’s not best to refreeze the butter after it has been thawed.

So, make sure to freeze the peanut butter in small portions. Smaller portions are also easier to defrost, as they take around 20-30 minutes at max.

When you are defrosting the butter, you might notice that the butter and oil have separated. In such cases, just mix the butter with a spoon or a hand blender before using it. Make sure it’s nice and smooth.

I recommend freezing the butter using ice trays. It will make small cubes that you can easily defrost within a few minutes and use whenever you want. It’s best compared to thawing the entire container to get a spoonful.


Does peanut butter taste good frozen?

Yes, freezing peanut butter won’t change its taste or consistency. But if you freeze peanut butter for a long time, like more than half a year, it will change in taste.

Can I freeze peanut butter for a snack?

Yes, you can freeze peanut butter to avoid wasting it. If you have leftover peanut butter, you can place it in the freezer and have a quick snack waiting at all times.

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